Jeep Grand Cherokee front tie downs?

The vehicle is due this week I was wondering about tie downs in front. Glanced at my neighbor’s from a distance don’t see much. Same color as mine so I wanted to surprise them. Hence didn’t want to crawl around like I’m placing a bomb.

I use the tow hooks on the front of my I Excursion. Anyone have two hooks on front of a Jeep they use? I want to order them if they work. Not really hot on under the hood options. Thanks.

If your vehicle has no tow hooks for the attachment of rope to secure the bow of a boat, it is no big deal to install a couple of pieces of nylon rope around the bumper supports as a point of attachment. Leave them there.

Two words; Hood Loops. Personally prefer Seals’ versions (both the mounted and the removable styles), but Yakima and Thule make them too.

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They can easily be made from nylon strap.

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…or purchased for $8 already built for the purpose. :sunglasses:

Yep, been using the bolt-on style nylon loops for a few years without issue on two different vehicles.

PD stated pretty clearly he’d like to avoid the under hood options. It looks like not all WK2 (2011-2020) Grands come with tow hooks. They look like they are pretty easy to bolt on, unless your Grand has the fog lights in their place. I think I’d put a pair on anyway. It’s always nice to have a secure place to pull from. Aftermarket ones look to be around $200 for the pair.

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Missed the ‘underhood option’ part. Maybe this, then? :slight_smile:

Sure. Just attach to the winch and press “in” until you hear the boat start to creak…


Probably put oem hooks on 225.00 not to bad. I’ll see when she’s free to do it.

Wait, that tow hook is mounted to the frame with a single bolt?

Should be fine for holding down a kayak, but I sure wouldn’t want to use it for extracting that jeep from a snowbank…

Hood loops look better with every price.

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I realize the OP wants to avoid under-hood options, nevertheless …

My hood loops attach to secure bolts under the hood, but not all vehicles have a good place for such a bolt … my 2014 Subaru Forester does. The loops tuck nicely under the hood when not in use.

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You could hang four jeeps from one hooks and more.

For example, a 1/2 - inch grade 8 bolt with 13 threads per inch has an effective stress -carrying cross section of 0.1419 square inches , so its breaking load would be 0.1419 (area subject to stress ) x 150,000 ( tensile strength ) = 21,285 pounds.

Pick it up today.

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Many vehicles use a single bolt to attach tow hooks. You aren’t lifting the vehicle with it

No, you are not lifting the vehicle with it…but with a kinetic recovery you may be generating a force that’s twice the GVW.

Most “consumer” tow hooks are designed for show rather than real utility.

Again, this should be fine for holding down the OP’s kayak. :slight_smile:

:100: plus jeeps at dealer not one with tow hooks to look at.

Google Photos

Land of plastic and nowhere to tie other than saying installing hooks

Just wrap a rope around the oil filter a couple of times and call it done. What could go wrong? :slight_smile:

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