jeep patriot no front or rear holds??

Jeep has no front or rear holds for additional tie down of kayaks for highway travel. no trailer hitch…have factory and Yakima rack with Js. Any ideas??

under the hood

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Just drill a couple of holes through the frame and try to miss the battery.

Its a five minute job and very neat.

There has to be something, you’ll just have to improvise, there’s usually some sort of hole or ridge of metal you can attach the hook to. You just have to search. On my little dodge neon it’s kind of a pain because the only place to attach is pretty far underneath the trunk and on the driver side is right above the muffler. Because I’ve been carrying my kayak frequently and put a bike rack on there too I’m going to be doing some modifications by installing some eye-bolts to make things easier.

It’s a Jeep for crying out loud.
Drill a couple of holes where you need to tie them down and attach a couple of eyebolts.

Thule quick loops
Two in front, close the hood on them

Two in the back, close the liftgate on them

Tie downs achieved.

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use 3/4 or 1 inch nylon webbing…tie a loop over any solid item under the front or rear, just long enough to reach the bumper…add a teardrop stainless carabiner to each…when not in use clip one to the other and let them hang…unclip them and use the carabiner as your tiedown point.

Works for me.

Maybe You Do…
Look at your front and rear ‘bumpers’ and see if there isn’t a little plastic square. I discovered on my Elantra Touring that you can screw in a provided eyebolt in a place behind the little square. Check for squares… check your manual… check your tire-changing hardware for the eyebolt. Good luck.

I have a Touring as well, but I’ve not seen this “provided eyebolt” or the small square, can you give me some more detail? Mine is a 2010, and I spent last summer without a rear tie down, which isn’t the end of the world but makes me a bit more nervous…