Jeep Wrangler, and kayaks

Anybody out there know how to securely strap a seayak onto a Jeep? I’m looking at the new Jeep 4 door Wranglers, and having a difficult time finding a suitable kayak frame attachment. This is 2-fold trouble, because these Jeeps tops come off in good weather, and go back on in bad…

Is a trailer the better option here?

Thanks in advance for any insight.


The new 4-door jeeps have rain gutters that both Yakima and Thule approve. Use them for a bomber rack system.

Here are some links.
The following links are for external racks which will allow you to still remove your top. (Close to home, custom made racks) (They have replied to my emails and will have a JK 4 door version soon) (this one requires a lot of drilling into the body) (Updating their website, call 951-735-4448 and ask for information. Expensive but very nice)

The Kargomaster, with or without the Congo Cage, will be your best bet for a rack(when they become available). A trailer will also work well. I’ve got an Unlimited Rubicon on order, and am planning on towing a Canadian M101 trailer modified to carry my kayaks. Although I may still change my mind and use a Kargomaster like I use on my CJ7 and 03 Rubicon.

I have a new wrangler and we put a Thule rack on it. The jeep has rain gutters so thats what we bought. When I had my 1997 soft top wrangler I had a Top Five canoe rack. You could take the the soft top off without taking the rack off. Look at They have many accessories for the new jeeps. Im not sure what Im going to get for a rack once the soft top goes on for the rest of the summer.

wrangler rack
I bought the Lange rack and love it. It also doubles as a bike rack.

I have had my Kayaks on three of my Jeeps. THe Liberty and Cherokee are just straps to the roof rack. The Wrangler (an '88 or YJ) I just take the top off and strap it down to the mirror brackets in front and roll bar in the back. Bow and stern lines to bumpers.

Lots of Jeep info at wwwDOTJeepForumDOTcom (hope the Admins do bark at me for the link).