Jeep Wrangler kayak rack suggestions?

I have a 2004 Jeep Wrangler and am getting into paddling. Anyone have a good suggestion for how to haul 2 kayaks? I’d like to ultimately be able to take bikes too, but kayaks are a must.

Wrangler racks
How are you? YOu have to ask your self where do you want to hold them, I would advise for the bikes, either get a hitch rack or one that bolts/attaches to the spare tire and for the yaks, visit They have EVERYTHING, got my bike rack there and my cargo hitch rack as well. Good luck and happy paddling. If the yaks are long, they make a extension that attaches to your hitch and holds the end of the yaks as well.


look at…
The Congo Cage by Kargomaster. Strongest one out there and you can still put your top down. If you have a hard top go with a yakima artifical raingutter

Rack for wrangler
I have a hard top 97 wrangler. We had a thule rack installed. The jeep dealer wouldn’t do it nor would several other places (afraid of leakage etc) but we found a reputable place and they did a great job. Got saddles at a second hand sporting good store. Only drawback being the height but fortunately there’s lots of places to stand to get the yaks up and down

I put the Thule rain gutters on my
99 Wrangler hard top. Other than cringing every time I drilled a hole through my roof, it went well. No leaks either. I put the roll bar on the rear rack. Just lift the bow onto the roller, pick up the stern and roll it onto the racks. Works great. I told the young guy that sold it to me that I’d think of him and smile every time I load/unload my yak. It’s been 4-yrs and I still smile. Sure beats trying to use the foam blocks and sliding the yak off my shoulder onto the roof.

There are many racks made especially for Wranglers that you can use with a soft top. Do a search or go to the website posted up above.

Jeep Rack

I have had this rack for two years now. It is great having two 17ft seakayaks on your car and no roof. The hard top comes right off without touching the rack. It works with thule parts amd some yakima parts. Have fun. Send me an email if you want to see some pics.

Cleaned out garage, instead of wallet…

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I've been looking for the same thing--carry 2 bikes and 2 kayaks with a Wrangler. With the cost of racks for the Wrangler and then adding the costs for the bike and kayak add-ons, you are looking at quite an investment. I was lucky enough to stumble across a cheap (i.e. current out of pocket $$$) alternative with stuff I had in my garage. I had bought a small utility trailer about 5-6 years ago, and about 20 year ago I had purchased a roof rack and to carry 4 bikes on top of our mini-vans. As I haven't had a vehicle with rain gutters in 15 years, the rack has been hanging in the garage gathering dust. When I recently puchased two kayaks, I bought two 3/4" Aluminum L bars (about $6 each at the local hardware store, mounted them to the top of the wood sides of the trailer to simulate rain gutters, dusted off the rack, took off two of the bike add-ons and added two hull-a-ports. Thus for about $200, I can now safely transport 2 bikes, 2 kayaks, and all the gear I need to be comfortable in the trailer under the rack...and, only have to lift the kayaks about 3 feet off the ground, instead of trying to get on the roof of the Wrangler.

I have the Kargo Master…
…which works good for me.

It is hinged so you can put the soft top down.

They have brackets which adapt the Yakama Bars to their bars.

I currently have two sets of kayak saddles and two bike carriers on it, and in the winter I put a ski rack on it.

If I did it over again , the only thing I would do different is bolt the Yakama bars directly to the KargoMaster bars, and forget about the transition brackets, since they add about a inch and a half to the height of everything.

It is neat having the top down, and the yaks or bikes directly over your head.



Warrior Products
warrior products makes a nice low profile rack that is well made and strong. look them up on the web.

rack for 2004
i have a 2004 with a congo cage;i’m at work know,so i cannt talk long;but i can give you more information and the ends and outs if you want them later,just leave an e-mail

i use these

I gave up…
Got tired of wrestling them up on top and bought a trailer…sooo much easier, especially when I’m alone or with someone.

How about something on hitch or spare?
Anyone ever heard of some way to add two kayak using a hitch or spare mounted rack. I have a soft top and wanted to avoid putting something on top. I guess I could always get a trailer. I have seen a jeep with a vertical rack attached to the hitch that allows him to slide 2 kayaks in between spare and hitch rack. I think it might have been custom made…any thoughts?