Jeep Wrangler roof racks

I am looking for a roof rack system for a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (4 dr). I have seen the Kargo Master and WildBoar products. Curious to here if other Jeep folks have found a system they really like.

I’ll be putting ww boats as well as seayaks on it.


John d

Rain gutters
As long as you are leaving your roof on, you can use the rain gutters. They are structurally sound according to Yakima and Thule whereas other Wrangler rain gutters are not strong enough to carry boats.

The soft top is what I’m getting.
There are racks that bolt onto back and front of the Jeep, and with crossbars you can mount the kayak rollers and pads onto those. Just have not seen them for the Wrangler yet.

Thanks though.

Racks for Wranglers
Checkout the archives - this subject has been bounced around many times. Also, check out the JC Whitney website.

Any day on the water is a great day!

new links for those who may want them

– Last Updated: Dec-04-07 10:39 PM EST – is coming out with a new model. Looks to be nice.

custom rack
If you’re in central NY, stop by my shop, I’ll build you one that not only works well but looks good too.

Wow. While unlikely, do to location, that’s a very nice gesture! Thanks…

Jeep rack
Congo Cage is best I’ve found. Sold by Quadratec for around $279 Plus you will need a set of cross bars. They sell them also. Really sturdy system and still, easy to flop your top down.