JEM's Zepherus decked canoe

Hey Matt,

Can you tell us more about this design?

I know it’s not ready yet but what about general specs? length? beam? cockpit? seating? bulkheads?

inquiring minds and all that.



Specs are pretty much going to be the same basics as the Sea Wind. This will be stitch and glue so it won’t have the completely rounded hull like the Sea Wind or a wood strip canoe. But I’m hoping it will perform nicely.

I might…MIGHT…do a woodstrip version except shorter or longer one day. A lot depends on a project going on in Canada that I helped on. I designed a one-off mold, 15’6 x 26" “Sea Wind Junoir” of sorts for a customer. If that turns out well then I’ll entertain getting into woodstrip. But I’ll be honest as say it’s not what I’m best at…yet. :wink:

I’m hoping to fit in optional bulkheads on the Zeph.

I was working on it last night and it’s coming together nicely. I have to verify a couple things and then I’ll post the final revision sketch on the webpage you linked to.

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve started over on this project to try and get it just right. It’s easily over 30 attempts.

Hey if it was easy
we could all be sucsessfull designers!



it would be perfect
to have a smaller version of the seawind. Great for day trips, weekend or weeklong trip and to make it 15’6 or 16 long max.

posted an updated picture. Getting closer.

“Krugeresque”, or should I just say, “Decked Canoe”? :wink:

hey Hey HEY!
be nice!!!