Jensen Whitewater X

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Due to some health problems, a friend of mine needed to clear out some garage space for a new car that is automatic. One of the items was a canoe that he has not used in along time, and he asked me if I wanted it. I have 2 SOT kayaks that we normally paddle in, but I thought it would be great to have a canoe also.

This canoe is a Jensen Designed Wenonah WWX. It is 181/2 feet long with about a 37 inch beam. Probably much bigger than I need, but hey, it was free. It is fiberglass constructed, so it feels lighter than even my 15ft poly kayak. I haven't been able to find out much info on the canoe and was just wondering what anyone knew about it.
What was the intended purpose, tripping, racing, etc. Rocker, water line, etc. Just anything you might know. We have mostly flat water here. Was this a moving water canoe? I will probably also e-mail Wenonah to see if they can send me some specs.
Can't wait to take it out for a spin!

Oh, I forgot to add that it has teak gunnels. Nice.

Whitewater X
Was a Wenonah design for WW Downriver racing. The 3rd in the line after the WW1 and WW2. I raced in all 3, years ago and in my mind it was the best of the lot. It was and still is a great river tripper. My advice buy it befores its gone.

What the heck
Am I talking about buying it, your getting it for free. You mean you don’t have it home yet.

Got the canoe already
Oh, Definately no hesitation on my part! (It was like - when can I be there) The canoe is safely ensconsed at my house. I just wondered what I could learn about it. Looks like a great boat. I guess my main question was that I am in Florida and if the boat was designed for moving water will it be hard to paddle around these parts?

Thanks for your reply.

It will fly
The boat is a Jensen so it will be fast and move foward with little effort. Because it was designed for WW downriver racing it will also turn easier then most Jensen designs. It does like sit and switch style with bent shaft paddles.

Race boat
Yup, That’s a fast class of boats.

You can find a description of the WW 2 on Western Canoeing’s web-site:

If they are similar, as the previous poster suggested, I am sure you will love the speed and capacity of this boat on flatwater.

This boat shares a lot with the Minnesota II, which is a great tripping canoe. Both are descendents of the Whitewater II. The WWX became more race oriented, the MNII more trip oriented. The WWX has more bow flare and is closer to the now departed Odyssey than the MNII. It will be a fast tripper and capable of handling big water, lots of bow bouyancy. To many it would feel unstable at first, but coming from kayaks you should do fine. It will cover lots of water with little effort. And you will always be able to sell it for much more than you paid!!