Jensen WW1 Solo?

Does anyone have any experience using the Jensen WW1, (I think I got the model right),16 ft. solo cano as for tripping? What are its dimensions?

A little
I bought one locally last week and just took it out for its first real paddle tonight. Nothing strenuous, just a few miles around the lake.

It’s a neat boat. No rocker so it tracks nice and straight but responds very well to a lean. It’s very confidence inspiring when leaning as well, nice and gradual with no sudden tipping point. It’s quick too, faster than my Bell Magic. Mine is the fiberglass layup (1978) and I’d guess weighs around 45 pounds.

I’m kicking around the same thoughts as you, using it as a general use/tripping boat. The big down side to the boat is the high sides. It’s a deep boat and doesn’t have a ton of tumblehome so reaching the water is a little more difficult. The high sides also catch more wind, which I got to experience tonight a little. I actually put my lifejacket on the seat to boost me up when paddling tonight. That made paddling more comfortable but I could have used a longer paddle (I use a 49" bent Zav).

Of course the high sides would be a benefit if you’re in rougher water.

I’ve got the boat out on the car now, I’ll go try and get some width/height measurements.


No guarantee these are dead accurate, it’s dark outside and the boat is up on the rack.


Bow: 17.5"

Center: 14.5"

Stern: 16.5"


At gunwale: 24"

widest point: 29"

That’s 2" higher and almost 2" wider than my Bell Magic in the center.

I don’t know the correct model name for sure but I usually see them listed as “C1W”.


WWC1 then C1W
The C1W is the last version. WWC1 is the earlier. Just before the “J” Boat solo series began, the flatwater racing solo was the C1F and its whitewater (actually downriver as opposed to slalom) sibling was the C1W.

It would take some archive research to come up with the dimensional differences between the WWC1 and the C1W.

Mostly the WWC1 is wider at the paddling station with less tumblehome and very vertical stems. The WWC1 is a good tripping solo, lots of room and dry on big water.

It does take a while to get used to the feeling of sitting in a bathtub with the gunwales so high. But the boat is a fast solo with a load and very forgiving in waves. A cover would help with the wind.


Actually there were 3 C1Ws
From '78-‘85, the C1W was 16’ with rocker and had a serial number starting with MFPW1

For a short time from Jan '90-Jan '92 it was MFPWW and

16’6" and didn’t have much rocker.

Then from '86-present it was MFPW6 and 16’6" and no rocker.

So for a while, same boat name, two molds, two different boats.

The Minn 2 also shares the MFPWW serial number prefix which came from the old downriver Tandem MFPWWX and before that the MFPJW.

At 16’ WW1 was Jensen’s original downriver race C1 offering, and is a shorter model of the later C1W (16’6").

Both were designed as a downriver race boats, therefore have considerable depth compared to similar race-related C1s; i.e. F1, Advantage, DY Special, Shockwave, and lately… Grasse River XL Classic, Otegan, Backwater, Freedom, and to an extent, the Magic (Magic’s set up is more for kneeling than sit and switch).

For tripping, the WW1 should work pretty well… when loaded that is. If like the C1W, it is a bit tender when empty, which is ok in general but you will need to spend time in the boat in various conditions and get accomplished at draws, sweeps, prys, and bracing. If you do get comfortable, it would be very sea worthy.

There are certainly other designs (see above) that you could say, may be a better suited for tripping and recreational cruising (Wenonah makes a few); that is unless the price is just too good to pass up, and you like the idea of having a downriver racer. That said, if you can get a good price, give it a try.

Had a couple
Of WWC1’s back in the late 70’s use to race both WW anf FW with them. We also used them to trip with. Used to have a couple of WWC1’s and a couple of Mad River Screamers in our group back then. I use to think they were a great boat ,of all the boats I have had I miss the WWC1 the most. Of course these days I trip in a 1982 Sawyer DY Special or a 1947 W/C Old Town HW depening on the group. I will say that I am planing on taking a hard look at that Savage River Blackhawk Solo though.

Cut mine down today
Drilled out the rivets on the gunwales and measured down 2 inches in the center and tapered to about 1 inch in the bow and stern. Cut it with a jigsaw (fine metal blade), got the gunwales slipped back on (an extra set of hands would have been nice), drilled new holes, and riveted everything back together. This resulted in the boat being about 1 1/2 inches lower in the center.

I took it out for a paddle tonight and wow, what a difference! I’ve got myself a boat now.


Cut Mine 2 " last year
And added a sliding seat for the occaisional kneel. My journal says ,never sell this boat. WWC-1, 1981, center rib style.

Rounded V to shallow U ends , fullness bow to stern, no creases, make this comfortable in many conditions. Rails are lip- out , act to repel slosh.

My thwarts are ~ 25" rear, 19.5" front on the long side.

Specs on WW1?
I’m debating about purchasing the WW1 solo canoe. Clipper Canoes say that the still have a mold for the 16 ft version and could build one and actualy cut it down an inch or so. I’m trying to get some input as to how it be as a tripping canoe. How’s the initial stability? I would like to know the bow, stern, middle height. Whats the gunwale width? I cant seem to get the exact specs.