jerk baits and northerns

My son’s future father in law loves large jerk baits for northern, like reef hawgs, pigs, etc. His son caught 105 northern on their last trip. Anyone have any experience with jerk baits or have a favorite lure for northern?

I have caught a number of northers on husky jerks and other jerkbaits. One of my favotites is a buzzbait. Just a regular bass size will do. I have also had luck ripping spinnerbaits and using popers. All my northerns came in the bwca.

a large spoon
like a Johnson in gold or sliver also works well. or just about anything else you can throw.

I have aways had good luck with Rapala Husky Jerks (sz 13 and larger) in perch color or shad

Daredevil 5 of Diamonds

Mepps spinners #5 dressed in silver and gold and the black fury.

Johnson Silver Minnows

Spinnerbaits and Buzz baits work well also.

the other day
The other day I saw one of the Linder boys sight fishing 40 plus inch pike in a shallow bay in the NW Territory. He was throwing a lightly weighted Banjo minnow. You would have to have a thousand soft plastics fishing for pike for any time but it was working!! Just another option

best luck I’ve had…
was with a dardevle, red & white, copper back. Weedless model, had what looked like a trebel hook, but with the hook towards the paint cut off. Could cast it right into the weeds, and a fast retrieve almost never snagged. Awesome lure, there’s now 3 of them in my box just in case I lose one or two.

Dark copper Water color
I have found that with darker tanin water that a White Mepps Spinner Size 4 or 5 does great. Look for the silver model with the red vein in the hair skirt. They tear em up! I also had success with Long floating stick baits. Very the speed of the retrival for best luck. Remember thay are to imitate wounded bait fish. Wish I was fishin now!