Jet Boil Flash question

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I am looking to increase my kayak-camping gear and will be purchasing a small portable cooking device. I will only be doing a few trips a season i am guessing. Any thoughts or experience with this model of the Jet Boil? Or is there a another one out there that paddlers are liking. This is all i am seeing in our area, so of course they are pushing them. Just been looking around online...what is the difference between Zip, Flash etc... They both hold same amount of liquids . so many to pick from.

Thanks in advance.

I have the flash!
It was a gift and I love it.

But then, I don’t cook so this is perfect for my 'add-boiling-water-and-eat" form of cooking.

There is some serious engineering in the JP system!

a) you can use any fuel that will screw on, even if the mix isn’t right. the EN-417 top is industry standard ande even Coleman is now making fuel cans that will fit the Jetboil.

b) JB makes a number of pots from the Sol to the Sumo (depending on how much water you want) and in Titanium, Stainless and Aluminum (depending on how much weight you want to haul.

c) ALL their pots go with their base stove.

One warning though, DO NOT use a wide pot withtheir adaptor ring. The heat will reflect down and melt the stove. If the pot is more than an inch larger than the stove, don’t use it!

d) people do cook in the pot. I took a class on that. I just never actually do that preferring to keep the pot clean and use it only to boil water eventhough I can cook in it.

e) You can get all sorts of extra gear and pots. I never did. The adaptor ring so I can cook in my Noggin is about the m,ost I got.

Flash owner
Actually I bought it when it was their only model before the catchy names and variations. I prefer the 1L vs. 0.8L capacity. I cook in the cup and usually eat from it too, rather than dirtying another dish. I seldom use a fry pan or larger pot, but it’s doable if you’re careful (watch reflected heat as mentioned), or fork over the $$ for the Sumo cook pot. JB has recipes on their website & many more are adaptable, so it does more than just boil water. Light, easy, compact, fast, reliable. Does everything I want.

I am thinking that i will be cooking simple. The less i have to cook while away from home, the better i like it. Just went to look around on pnet and saw some more banter on the Jet Boil. Think this is the obvious choice.

Flash, I think,
I get the names mixed up, but the “upper crust” models have a built in regulator that keeps the stove working better at lower temps,(freezing and below, though canister warming inside a jacket helps with all canister stoves), and the flame stays more consistant with an almost empty canister. I’ve used both my much older original JB & the newer one at 14K’, the newer model works better. Something to keep in mind, if the stove or canister fails the cup is not easily used over a fire, fwiw.

All the best,

Upside Down MSR Windpro

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Run liquid instead of gas fuel - invert container

Me - about 4 years ago

WHY - because in cold temps the canisters often
don't work well as gas needs warmth to stay a gas.

Today - MSR makes an adapter

how cold of temps are you talking?
I don’t think i would be using below 40ish. Most warm weather camping etc… some early fall trips maybe.

Michigan weather
We paddle all 12 months of the year in Michigan.

If the waters a flowin’ we a goin’ :wink:

we freeze over late Nov. early Dec.
Then no water flowing 'till May usually. This yr. it was a month early…i got out on the water in mid. April.

It can be a factor
Even if temps are no lower than high 40’s you may notice it takes longer to heat/boil when the cannister has less fuel. I can remember some nights on islands in the temp range early or late in season and wondering why it was taking so long when using a cannister stove when it was low on fuel.

I got the Sol and like it
Smaller and lighter. Followed Tinny’s lead in reducing the stove to the bare minimum too. Pretty grey and orange. Can’t tell what distinguishes the Flash from the basic cup system. Other than color.