Jet Pilot Wetsuit

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Has anyone used this Brand of wetsuit, Good/Bad

4/3 Full Wet Suit

no one on P.Net, all 60,000 of you have never owned a wetsuit as the above link?

Can’t really see a use for it
Not for kayaking, anyway. It looks awfully restrictive, and according to the specs only good for 50+ degrees. Hope someone proves me wrong, that’s a nice price.

Check out this one out…
It is not as restrictive and it is the same price, $125.

Let me know if you need one and I will send you one.


Never heard of this brand

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Lot's of us use wetsuits for surfing. A good 4/3 suit should be OK down to about 50 F water temps. It's going to be really hot for just paddling. There are full suits that work well for paddling but you have to try them out to make sure how well you can move your arms. A 3/2 suit like on the link below is not going to be very comfortable below about 55 F. NRS is a good source for reasonably priced wetsuits. Your local surf shop usually starts having deals this time of year. My local surf shop is selling high quality last years models 4/3 suits for about $120 bucks right now.
Excellent Brands are Oneil and BodyGlove, Excel makes decent suits, I have a suit from a company from Brazil called Mormaii that I had never heard of but it's really warm and has taken a lot of wear and tear.

Not That Brand…
I have a 3/2 BodyGlove and 4/3 QuickSilver. I use both for surf paddling. They are well designed with multipanels to conform to the body shape/movement. The neoprene are newer generation with more elasticity.

I don’t know how cold the water and air temps are down your way. If you’re not getting wet constantly, you may well overheat with a 4/3. Last week, that happened to me with 4/3, .5mm top underneath and drytop over that. The water temp was 47 and air temp 50. I took off the drytop and was fine for next two hours of surfing.

You may be better off getting a 3/2 and a drytop. When it’s colder, put the drytop on. The drytop won’t keep you dry but it what it does is minimize flush through of cold water. A farmer john is horrendous, even with a insulating top underneath. A drytop over that does help a bit but doesn’t offer the same protection as a full wetsuit.

Whatever you do, don’t get a diver’s wetsuit. They are not made to account for vigorous upper body movement.


Friendly Comment…

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since I think you're new to PNET.

It's kind of bad form to answer questions with what seems to be a direct sales pitchs. If you're a commercial interest, it would be best to buy an ad on PNET and list your goods and a link.

There are others here too with commercial interest ties. They often post responses that are more "advice" oriented but every so often cross a bit in the grey area of a potential "free" sales pitch. When the latter happens, different folks can react pretty negatively. You have to consider that there are commercial interests who monitor/participate on these boards. Many are pretty good at refraining from overly commercial posts.


Thanks Sing
I worked in retail for 14 years…(SEARS)

you will Never get me to go back to that again,so nocommerical interest in this product. I have not been in the water yet (kayaking). I will be on the Chesapeake Bay (MD) this spring and I’m sure I’ll be WET a lot learning to Kayak,

I get cold easy so I thought maybe a 4/3 but I think I’ll go with a 3/2 like you said. Looking at BodyGlove and NRS suits, but the JET suits looks well made/good price. Will be in a Artic Hawk I built this summer. Have PFD, Skirt, Pump, paddle float, dry bag. Ordered a Greenland Paddle. I hope to have everything I need by Spring 06. Thanks for the help!

NO Problem
My “friendly” comment about what may interpreted as “commercial post” were directed at another poster above. He is new to PNet, I think…


But (as usual) you are way cooler about it than me, Sing.


I’m a so-cal beach person and have had a few wetsuits. JetPilot is a well known brand name with a good quality reputation. Top two/three, IMO, are O’Neil and RipCurl and maybe BodyGlove as a tie.

As wetsuits go, you can have good confidence in the JetPilot.

It’s a popular Jet Ski suit
around here.