Jetboil flash question and accessories

does anyone ever use a little pan/pot with their Jetboil flash or other Jetboil stoves? I have a tiny frypan and wondered if it could be used w/ the flash. Their pots are crazy expensive.


Run liquid - not gas
Skip the Jetboil - run straight pressurized liquid

Works all 12 months, even in the dead of winter

Thanks, but i am already set up
with the Jetboil…My trip is next weekend and it’s not winter unless i missing the point. Just wondeing if i can use a little pan other than Jetboil brand?


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Anything that fits, metal cup, etc.

JetBoil Frypan
I have the original JetBoil, and it works great to boil water. At least a few years ago, I bought their fry pan with the flux ring on it’s bottom. What a waste of $50 bucks… Everything was skorched or burned… I see they sell a cooking system and don’t know if their burner has been remanufactured to simmer instead of full blast burn…

Designed for a purpose
It boils water fast - that’s it !

Used a fry-pan once
On a back packing trip, used a small stainless steel fry-pan. Was like cooking with a blow torch, scorched above the flame and that was about it, not sure I’d repeat. But for boiling water it can’t be beat.

I’m with you on this one.

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Liquid fuel is the way to go imho. But even then you have the same issue with some stoves and using pans that are too big. Just don't use something that is too big.

Try it at home
I own the jet boil system and also multiple liquid fuel stoves. I use the jet boil mainly for the boil portion of a meal and always bring it for quick hot drinks. I use the pans only because it allows for one extra burner for large group cooking.

Even with the special pans flux rings, you have to be super careful not to burn whatever you are cooking. The flux ring helps to draw some of the heat away from the center of the burner.

If you want to try it out, make dinner at home and see how it goes for you. The flux rings help for pan positioning also. Doubt you could use anything heavy on it as it would be tippy.

Thanks …just didn’t want to damage
anything , like to much heat concentrated in one spot or anything of that nature. I didn’t cook with it yet, but the flame doesn’t adjust much. I can always hold the pan slightly above the burner. Looking to fry up an egg or toast an english muffin. I will not take my eyes off it. Don’t want to be the one burning her breakfast. Thanks everyone.

coconut oil
As for burning, I am switching to coconut oil for camping because it can handle the high heats better than olive oil can. Definitely don’t try using butter! It will certainly burn.

Another idea for eggs is to do poached eggs. I did that in the jet boil cup once or twice. It is messy to clean up so do it after you made your coffee/tea!

You won’t damage the jet boil, you might overheat whatever pan you use.

Poach the egg?
Figure out a small insert, silicon or metal, that would fit inside the cup and allow you to poach theegg rather than fry it?

hadn’t thought about that… but i am
going to try cooking an egg on it tomorrow morning to just test the waters. Great tips though…i love poached eggs. And thanks for the coconut oil tip Suz.

test run on the mini frypan + Jetboil…
used butter and held slightly about the burner .It cooked a fried egg awesome. No big deal to hold it as it only took a minute or less. No $50 Jetboil pot for this chick!

I bought the 2liter pot
and was disappointed. Yes, scorching is easy but can be avoided through diligent stirring, but it seemed that every time I lifted the pot from the stove the little support disengaged from the stove. Had to replace it with the multitool pliers and continue cooking.

Very frustrating.


Love my Jetboil
But I don’t ask much of it. I use it to boil water for my coffee and to heat up things like canned chili, stew or soup…Pre-prepared stuff, which is fine with me because I don’t like to cook.

I use the jetboil for coffee, tea and soup/liquid stews. Very quick. Use my homemade wood burning stove for other cooking. I made mine from aluminum irrigation pipe. See:


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Boil in the bag is the best option I've found for cooking food on the jetboil. Works fine with either the standard JB companion cup or regular pot. I use freezer and microwave proof bags from the supermarket and decant what I want to cook into them.

+1 for coconut oil too. It's much healthier than most other oils and is much more tolerant to heat.

That’s a cool lil’ can stove.
I am also one that doesn’t get all fancy with camp cooking, just heat or quick cook and go. That is why i got the Jetboil. Easy peasy! My little pan worked great. Can’t wait to hit the trail.

the major problems are
1) if the pan is larger than the stove, the heat will reflect down and melt the stove so you must have a frying pan the same size as the pot. which means no.

2) the way to avoid burning the pan is to use the heat on low! very low.

3) I found that if I ignore the cooking ring I bought and just hold the pan over the flame, moving it always to keepthe entire pan hot, it works. more effort but sometimes you just want a fried egg.

It CAN be done. It just takes a bit of extra effort.

Persomnally, I love my jet-boil. But then, I am a -add-hot-water-and-eat kind of cook. When I want real food, I take my Optimus 8R liquid fuel stove which weighs a ton!

It’s a trad-off and you choose which way you want t ogo.