JetDock kayakdock install completed

-- Last Updated: May-27-06 11:42 PM EST --

Some family members were having trouble getting into a kayak from our typical dock...after much study we selected the jetdock systems kayakdock which can be seen here:
in community webshots under ripshinpaddler you can see our install...
the entire unit was shipped in one piece. we built a simple retainer wall for it to but up against.
you simply place a kayak in the middle which is a big trough, get in the kayak and then scoot and you will slide into the water.
I added ropes on either side with a knot every foot or so, when you return you get up some speed and slide up, you may or may not slide back down depending on the weight of you and the kayak you are in...then grab the rope and pull up. then get out.
This way you can paddle without every getting wet. I've gone out in the wisper wearing a tuliq and returned dry. I've also gone off the kayakdock in a CD Kestrel without a sprayskirt and turned will want some speed and be prepared to brace in short kayaks. If
any every consider this system dont hesitate to ask any question you might have.

forgot to post a link:

the boat on the jetdock for those curious is a necky lookshaII

Some State parks and State boat launches have started using these in NY, particularly new launch sites and ones that have recently been reconstructed. They are handy, especially in tidal areas.


This looks really nice, thanks for posting. You’ve provided more info than the site, which is a bit, um, content-free.

Can I ask how much this thing costs? I’m guessing it’s pretty spendy.

Thanks for the info!