Jocassee Lake Free Access/Parking


It’s been years since I read here, but I finally signed up to ask:

Does anyone know if there are any free access points (including parking) on Lake Jocassee in SC? I know Devil’s Fork SP is only $2 for day use (or was?), but I’d still like to know of a free access point.


It is still $2/day at the the State Park
There are no other ramps unless you know a millionaire who has one of the few houses on the lake.

…and nope…don’t know any millionaires.

The state park
The only one I know of. We plan on being there on Tuesday with a boat shuttle to the toxaway. Then it’s 5 lazy days paddling back. Can’t wait. Hope the leaves are in full color!!

In 5 days you can get back without paddl
with a tailwind. We have little color right now.Hope you have a good trip.

Yes sir

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That's what I'm hoping for. Plan on getting all kinds of lures and jigs wet on this trip