jocassee or keowee???

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i have the opportunity to get a deal on either a perception jocassee 16ft tandem or a 13ft perception keowee 2 tandem. ill be using this alot as a solo for fitness on flat water lakes and rivers and also as tandem with my wife for fitness/cruising. id also like to use this kayak for adventure racing so speed and efficiency are a must have. the jocassee comes with paddles and PFDs and is $100 more and the keowee comes with only paddles. your suggestions???

I don’t now anything about the Jocassee
but that Keowee II will be like racing a barge.

It is a fun rec tandem, but I would never want to race it.

I am just guessing here, but is the Jocassee just a later or earlier model of the Keowee II ?



Keowee II
Had one - husband wouldnt use it - a heavy wide tandem. Great for relaxing and floating but not the most efficient for paddling - especially not “racing”!

You are looking in all the wrong directions if you want to adventure race. You’d need more features, more boat - more info on yourself and thinking about going used would be a better start.

Not to mention
that either one would not be much fun to paddle solo. Any wind at all will make it difficult to hold your course.

Second that
Had a friend with a bad arm, had some use out of it but not much, who really wanted to go kayaking. Borrowed a friend’s Keowee II, it is a barge. It’ll give you a workout so it would be great for exercising!

what other yaks would be better?
given my uses, which would be a better choice for me? which kayak or kayaks would you recommend? im also trying to keep it under $1000 so i’ve been looking at used.

Local Etc
If the racing part is a significant part of your likely use, the best boat may be affected by where you’ll be racing. Lakes, oceans, rivers with class 1/2? I’d suggest that you indicate where you are, where you’d be paddling and see what others on this board who have a lot more knowledge about racing yaks than I do can weigh in on the best boat and where such may be found used.

Jocassee was a brute of a pig boat
I’m talking a tank. Sold 2 and both folks wanted to bring 'em back. It was essentially a crappy canoe with low seats! A barge I’m telling ya! Forget about that one.

Jocassee is a barge
I had one when my kids were small so I more or less paddled it solo. It was a real beast in any kind of breeze and gave me a workout even on a calm day. You couldn’t pay me to take one now…