Jocassee ????

We are considering an overnight camping trip on Lake Jocassee. Is camping aloud on the shoreline other than in the state park?

No, it is not. There are 3 campgounds
you can paddle to. Double Springs is part of the state park and is across from the remote ramps.

There are 2 on the Foothills Trail. One at the Toxaway River and another at Laurel Creek Falls.The one at the river can be almost paddled to; the one at the falls is at the top so there is about a mile hike to it.

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Almost all of the shoreline that I have seen at Jocasee is very slanted. The campgrounds are fine but the rest is a challenge just to get out of your boat!

Just taking a rest stop once one of our group stepped out of the boat into eight feet of water.

Its very uncomfortable to sleep on the side of a drowned mountain. Be glad for the campsites!


Not that I would suggest it,but there is
an old roadbed that is accessible from many points on the lake.As KM points out,the mountainsides are very steep so getting to the road would take some serious effort. And it is illegal.

Thank you String and KM for the info. Im new to these forums. I look forward to learning from all of you.

It might be time for another Jocassee
Rendezvous in the spring,even for a day trip.