Joe Glickman's Book- Fearless

I don’t really post much in the forum, but I just wanted to do so today to bring to other paddler’s attention, Joe Glickman’s book entitled - Fearless: One Woman, One Kayak, One Continent

For those that don’t know of the story this book is about Freya Hoffmiester’s solo navigation,kayak paddle around all of Australia.

I’m not much of a book reader, but I have to say that this book is a great read and an absolute must read for anyone that has ever spent time paddling a boat. I just left a review on the book and thought I would also mention it in the forum.

My motivation for doing so is simply that I enjoyed the book so much that I felt a need to tells other paddlers, as well as non paddlers about it.

It’s the kind of book that you pick up and don’t put down and I genuinely think that anyone that has ever paddled a kayak will find it to be one of the best books ever written about a paddling adventure.

Has anyone else read it? Just curious if others here have and have enjoyed it as much as I did.

not read it yet, but did follow her trip
I have not yet read the book, but I had a great time following Freya’s daily blog while she was doing the paddle around Oz. I got a map of Australia and posted it above my desk in my work cube and would move a flag pin around it each day as she posted her progress. Besides adding a bit of armchair adventure to my day for nearly a year, I learned a heck of a lot about Australia from her photos and description of the coastal areas and all the folks who helped her along the way.

Unfortunately, due to new “security” practices by my employer I have not been able to trace her South American circumnavigation this year while I am at work (typical corporate paranoia: they block us from looking at anything the system considers a “blog” or “social networking.” So a 15 minute bit of enjoyment I got during my lunch break is gone.)

I like Freya’s posts – I have heard people gripe about her over the years (she paddles only for herself, not charity; she is self-promoting, etc.) but you can’t really criticize her incredible skill and determination. And her reports are informative and funny and her personality really comes through in them. She isn’t shy about poking fun at herself and doesn’t overblow the difficulties she encounters. Definitely a one of a kind adventurer.

Hi Willow…
Willow, I really do recommend that you pick up the book.

If you followed her trip that enthusiastically, the book will truly bring Freya, as well as her trip into a very honest perspective. Joe Glickman goes to great lengths to tell her story in as balanced of a way as he possibly could.

I can’t explain it, you have to read about her, but Glickman presents all aspects of her personality and what drives her, as well really lets you understand who she is; at her best and at her worst…

I had half a dozen “manly men” buddies read the book and at first they were not into it, but as soon as they got a few chapters in, they could not put it down and in the end raved about the story…

I was amazed at how well it was done…

I agree
I also enjoyed the book immensely. She is unique, and I thought the book was well written.

Glickman’s book
ConnYak, our kayaking club, invited Joe Glickman to do a talk on his book and Freya. His presentation was even better than the book, which I found very enjoyable.

I’ve been at Delmarva when Freya was there and seen her in action. I have mixed feeling about her: I have the greatest respect for her paddling accomplishments. I also wouldn’t want her as a “friend”. I’m sure she would feel the same way about me if I ever came on her radar.

A well written book by a fine writer about an outstanding paddler.


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Ok story Glickman is a great writer

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I read a lot of adventure literature and this book isn't bad but isn't great either. If Freya was telling this story it would suck. She doesn't "paint" a very good picture of what's going on around her. I personally think she is just way to self adsorbed. Glickman makes the story, his writing is insightful and funny. As a kayaker it is still great to read, it show what you can do if you set your mind to it and don't listen to the nay sayers. If she would have posted on here her intentions there would be a million response that "you need more experience", but she pulled it off and in record time. It's unfortunate there aren't more great kayaking adventure narratives like there are for mountaineering.
This doesn't mean I'm not following her now, I just wish she could tell this awesome story better.

Well Said Underhill
It was the writing itself and Joe Glickman’s way of presenting things that I really enjoyed.

But it also has to be stated that the number of people that have actually done what Freya did, can probably be counted on half the fingers of one hand.

In fact, more people have set feet on the moon, than have paddled solo around an entire continent such as Australia…

Love her or hate her, she has accomplished what few have before her and in my opinion Glickman gave a a truly objective summary of the event as well as anyone possibly could…

Glickman’s writing makes it
I’ve read part of Freya’s blog because it’s always good to get it straight from the horse’s mouth. It is obvious that she commits herself not only to the voyages but also to providing timely reports, even when she’s running on empty. But I like Glickman’s book better, precisely because it gives a view of the undertaking from more than just one narrow point of view (hers).

His quotes of some other big-name paddlers’ comments are hilarious. And he took the time and effort to fill in gaps that reveal more than what the marketing hype blares out. All of this background stuff helps provide a clue as to what drives someone to do extraordinary things.