Joe O Paddles Feedback?

Anyone have feedback on recent experience in ordering a paddle from Joe O Paddles? I ordered an “in-stock paddle” from him a month ago. I have not received it and have sent about 5 or 6 emails asking for a tracking number but without success and without much response.

Should I be concerned? Has anyone else experienced this and if so, how did it turn out?


Matt I just looked at his Youtube page. He recently returned from an extended kayak camping trip, on Lake Superior. So he was off the grid for over a week. But he posted a couple videos, in the last few days. Hopefully he is getting caught up.

He also posted ~3 weeks ago, that he recently had lingering health issues. That may or may not factor in.

My father bought a paddle from Joe O a few years ago. He was slow shipping back then, but we eventually got the paddle.

Good Luck getting your paddle.

Side note: I hope you are able to get some paddling in, after moving to Texas. Based on the adventures your wife posts, family life is full throttle.