joEpouch paddle pocket. Hold the phone!

Hello all,

Jason here again. I’m founder of the joEpouch. Kickstarter campaign is live and paddling. Please feel free to check us out and order today. The campaign ends Oct. 2nd at 6pm PST. Get your joEpouch for your paddle now!

It’s a digital camera case
With dive knife type straps on it so you can strap it to a pole (Bike frame, stroller frame, kayak paddle)

because who doesn’t mind strapping a few extra ounces onto their paddle so you don’t have to carry it on your shoulders.

and lifting it 10,000 times…
LOL What a half baked idea

Tie me kangaroo, down, to port.
Bikinied babe on s-u-p,

why you cry’n just now out to sea?

“My joE’s pouch fell hard to port!

Now there’s your water proof he’s not a tied-down sport!”

Bikinied babe back on dry land,

why with your paddle deck that strange old man?

“He flashed his Johnson, the creepy Arte stalker!

Made me a dirty cell call, so I knocked 'em both off their walker!”

Feel the Buzz…eeeeee!

you’re hired!
You’ve got the sales pitch down!

“Take the weight off your shoulders, and let your joEpouch hold onto your necessities.”

We’ll work out your commission later.

tough crowd
Vendors, let this be a lesson to you.

Do your homework
People pay hundreds of dollars to shave a few ounces off the paddle and another $100 for one extra pocket on the PFD for things to keep close and put a 10# blow up mattress and air pump in the stowage because they can.

I read the OP on the way home from the thrift store where I dug thru two bins of .99$ camera cases looking for a case for my 4S I-phone

One of the perks of being a new dad was the 500 liter “diaper bag” hanging on the stroller.If I could push a stroller around work I would so I did not have to carry flashlight, knife, pens, 6 way screwdriver, tape measure, notebook, blue prints, wad of keys, schematics, umbrella,…

Selling pockets to a parent pushing a stroller is like selling ice to Eskimos.

Backpacking stroller…Hmmmmmmm