John Muir Trail

Hiking , not paddling.

If you have hiked the John Muir Trail, can you recommend a 50 mile section?

yes i did the whole thing

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Having done the whole 211 mie trail, there are very very few sections that one can do as a loop. My favorite is the east entrance, Bishop pass loop, 53 miles, it crosses 3 passes and goes
through beautiful Evolution Valley. The second favorite is Rae lakes loop, western entrance. More gradual hike, but beautiful lakes, many spur trail options and Glen pass is fabulous. Check out the john muir trail web pages of the pcta website for serious information, dangers, regulations, etc.

Having guided and backpacked there for years, it is one of the premier trails in the world. Actually, i was talking with friends just today about returning and sharing the Bishop loop with them!


I have done parts of it too, but I have no Idea WHAT parts… L also the ART Leob Trail is a good one too… I think its about 40 miles, it hits most of the Major Mountain tops of the area and ends up at Davadson river camp ground…

Swedge, the John Muir trail is out
near Yosemite.

Don’t Know The Trail, But
I don’t know the trail, but I know the Eastern Sierras between Sonoara Pass and Bishop pretty well. Been camping there for the last 15 years.

You really need to drive down to Bishop on 395 via Sonora Pass or Tioga Pass. If you just go to the top and hit the trail you miss the best part

I know
… I did a small part of it years ago… before the place was over run with people… The Art loeb being a local trail IMHO is better as you will probably not see anuther person tell you top Black Balsam.