John Winter

I have been paddling a Wilderness Systems Alto for years and love the boat. In fact, I think it is terribly under rated and wish they would make more boats like it. Recently I bought a QCC 700 and when I paddled it the first time the first thing I thought was, this feels like my Alto. Of course the Alto is heavier, shorter and slower but the similarities are undeniable. Did John Winter design both these boats? I can’t find online who designed the Alto and the Piccolo.


Alto and Piccalo
were designed by musicians???

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I think he invented the kayak
That story about the Inuit inventing it is just nonsense.

I think
the Brits deserve that credit too :wink:

Maybe Andy Singer
He designed a few of the earlier Wilderness systems boats.The Tchaika and Shenai come to mind.

Have to Agree
Both of these boats have nice looking hulls. I bought and sold an Alto without ever trying it, but I did kinda regret it 'cause it looked like a fast hull.

I’d be interested to know if the Alto and Picallo are simply fast little kayaks or if they actually had some handling personality.

I think I’ll look on the Product Review page.

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