John Winters Barracuda?

I am looking for plans for a fast strip-built canoe. Does anyone have any experience building/paddling John Winters’ Barracuda?

I “raced” my Dagger 16 canoe in a recent triathlon on a downriver course that had more flat water than fast water and hit the wall half-way through the course. Being an out-of-shape geezer has a lot to do with that, but the canoe wasn’t helping.

I have some experience in tippy kayaks and would prefer a narrow boat. There are no minimum width requirements for this race, only a length between 14 and 18 feet. I haven’t found anything similar to the Barracuda. Thanks.

The barracuda
seems similar to the we-nonah voyager. Using the Voyager as an example you would have real fast boat, not good in winds thouogh.

If I was going to build another boat I would give thoughts to taking the Merlin from the Northwest canoe shoppe and stretch it outo 16’8" by adding 4" between formes 3,4,5.

Plans are cheaper then John Winters also.

Advantage to this is you can race in many “stock class” if you keep the boat under 16’8".

Similar length, but the Barracuda is
… quite a bit more shallow in depth (4 inches less) and has lots more rocker (+1.5"). It would be fantastic with a tight cover snapped on.

I personally lust after the fast tandem tripping design (of John Winters) called the Cirrus. It would make a very fast and efficient rowing tripper where the bow person sits backwards on a bean bag and rows in the space between it and the yoke. The stern occupant controls direction with a fixed pin oar acting as a long-levered rudder. One person works while the other rests. All with a low center of gravity and so, lots of reserve stability. Got to like Winters “speed with manueverability” designs.

your right !
the voyager has a much higher bow and stern. I think the voyager has some rocker also. That being said I like the idea of the low bow with a long boat. I would suggest you contact We-NO-Nah and put i a pedestal slider. I put on e in my Merlin and it helps in winds.

Barracuda paddlers?
I’d be interested to hear from anyone with paddling experience in the Barracuda and hearing their impressions of how it handles. Its specs and the review by John Winters make its handling appear over my paddling skills but the advertised performance sounds attractive.