John's Bayou

I had the fortune to get on the water today. Didn’t quite make the falling tide but did catch it on the rise. I didn’t catch many but I did catch one. I use a light rod and tackle for the challenge and the action. I had a good breeze pushing me ahead of the slow current. Drifting along, I hooked a 15lbs catfish. At first, I thought I had a small bass. Then it surfaced and that’s when the fight began. It wasn’t exactly like a Nantucket sleigh ride but that fished dragged me all over that little bayou before I got it landed. That was soooo much fun. I’m going to put in again tomorrow to catch the falling tide. Maybe this time I’ll catch some bass.

sounds like it was a really neat catch

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...... a 15 lb. Cat must have quite a tug to it I'd imagine .

I've not caught one that heavy although I'm aware they can get much heavier even . I have fished for them a little here and there and been happy with 6-8's from mountain rivers . It's not that they don't get larger in these rivers because they do . I think a 50 or so was caught by a guy who fishes them (specifically) , made the state record a year or so ago in basically the same area I've caught the smaller ones .

Good luck next time out .

I went back this morning and I thought I’d catch the falling tide I missed yesterday. The water was high and didn’t seem to fall at all. Terrible. Still caught two small bass and a blue gill. Slow day, so I put them back.

Keep at it.
I’ve put my boats up for the year unless one of my regular buddies gets a bug up his butt to get on the water. I don’t go alone this time of year. Well, not unless I really have to…