Johns River NC ???

I’m trying to get a trip planned for the Johns River near Morganton NC. I need advice on put-ins,take-outs,hazards,etc.Also,are there any good camping spots.Is this river suitable for beginners. Thanks for your help.

You’re trying to get a trip planned for
a group on a river you haven’t paddled already?

Normal googling indicates 6.5 miles of fairly easy (class 1-2) water, but why did you choose this river in the first place?

Nothing was said about a group. I was just trying to get some info on this river that is near my house.

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Johns - Collettsville area
I’ve paddled this river a couple times along the Collettsville stretch. It’s Level 1 and 2, with a fair amount of rocks when it’s low. (Check American Whitewater for levels before running it). Pretty scenery.

Even at that level, unless you’re quite experienced in whitewater, I suggest you run it with a group. The Hickory Outing Club runs it often. (We are paddling a section of the North Toe River tomorrow.) I enjoy it most when the level is up.

The North Toe is a fun river
Put in at the fire station on 19, and take out at the Spring Maid Mountain Campground.

The river is high and good right now -Many long stretches of white water, and it is a great place to learn boat handling skills.



If you don’t get any replys here,
look up Red Cross Randy and send him a e-mail.

I think he has done it with Bald Paddler.