joining dri suit tops to bottoms

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New to the sport and wish to know best way to join the dry top to the dry pants and the skirt.
I realize it may not be completely water tight but am practicing re entries and would like to stay somewhat dry and not have bottoms fill with water.

What do you have?

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In order to be effective, your dry top and your dry pants or bib both need to have a tunnel. The tunnel will be on the inside of your dry top and on the outside of your dry pants or bib.

Pull the outer tunnel on the pants or bib straight downward and smooth it out. Put on the dry top and fold up the bottom portion to expose the inner tunnel. Pull the dry top tunnel down smoothly over the pants tunnel and line up the edges. Then carefully fold the two tunnels up much as you would seal a roll top dry bag. Keep the folds as narrow and smooth as possible. You want at least three folds. It helps if you have a friend help with the folds behind your back, but with practice you can do it yourself. If you are wearing a sprayskirt, cover the folded tunnels with the sprayskirt tunnel, then pull the neoprene waistband of the dry top down to cover the sprayskirt tunnel and folded tunnels. This video demonstrates the procedure:

That shows the procedure for a bib. Some dry pants with a tunnel will require you to pull the pants tunnel upwards over the dry top tunnel instead, then roll the two together downward.

Dry tops and bottoms with tunnels properly mated can be quite waterproof. With prolonged exposure, a little water might make its way in past the seal, but it won't be significant.

If your dry pants lack a tunnel and have only a neoprene waistband you can't get a waterproof seal. In that event, I would fold up the dry top bottom, pull the inner tunnel of the dry top down and cover it with the dry pants. Close the neoprene dry pants waistband over the dry top tunnel as tightly as you can, then cover the top of the dry pants with the dry top waistband and cinch that tight.

With that type of arrangement you will get a significant amount of water coming in at the waist but your dry pants will not instantaneously flood with water.

dry tops to bottoms
Thats the info l needed , l have Hydrus 3L Whirlpool Bib bottoms and Kokatat Hydrus Tempest pants and l have several tops, the Hydrus 3L top as well as a Knapster short sleeve and a Level Six Reign Top.

I have seen that video before but it is not too clear.