Jon Turk

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I just learned that on March 26th, an avalanche on the face of Mount Tom east of Yosemite National Park, killed Chris Seashore, the wife on Jon Turk, who in 2000, paddled and sailed from Japan to Alaska.
The journey was rated by Paddler Magazine as one of the 10 All-Time Greatest Sea Kayak Expeditions.
Chris paddled with Jon from Ellesmer Island to Greenland.
It seems that Turk plans to spread Seashore’s ashes at the top of Three Sisters, her favorite peak in British Columbia, where they own a small cabin.
I have linked to my site an article on this peak's geology by Chris herself:
May she rest in peace.

Just read an article by her
…On her love of paddling the Arctic. Very sad indeed.

turk’s book called cold oceans

I really enjoyed it. After hearing what he went through with his kids, his previous marriages, and the rest of his personal life, it sounded like he really loved, and felt committed to chris. So it is very sad to hear she died.

sad day
My condolences. Its always a tragedy…

My deepest sympathies.