Jonbuoy, Ambush or ???

I already have a SIS and SOT and am looking for a sit on top that I can mount a motor on for large stream and river fishing that I could paddle or pole if I needed to.

These 2 kayaks seem to be good candidates, though the Ambush is kind of heavy. I have a large local stream that I launch at different locations. I tend to float down and get out to drag my yak through the real shallow riffles to get down below and have to get out coming back up doing the same thing.

It would be nice in the pool sections to be able to stand, motor around a bit and sight fish.

Wondering if either of these 2 yaks would work for this purpose.

I had a Radisson Canoe which worked well but I don’t think it would hold up on the rocks too well.

Any experiences with the Ambush or Jonbuoy, or any other ideas appreciated, thanks -

If standing is themain issue there’s this idea…

I’ve looked at the Ambush before but never got one wet. They seem like they’d be complete slugs but pretty stable. I’ve no doubt I could stand and flyfish in it on calm waters.

I’m not familiar with a Jonbouy.

Sorry I couldn’t help more. Didn’t want you to not get any responses at all.

Thanks for the response. I check KFS quite a bit and the outrigger idea is a good one. Might be able to get by with a Drifter or WS Ride for standing, but still leaving the option open for a motorable yak. The Ambush doesn’t look like it would be much of a paddling yak if you had to do it, and 100 lbs is a lot of weight but I’m sure its super stable. The Jonbuoy by Mainstream I guess has been around a few years and looks like a yak jonboat hybrid that can be paddled - at 85 lbs it still is not a lightweight. I have a Cobra Tourer that I could probably add outriggers to, but its a little long for the big creek I fish.


I never heard of it before either.

36.5" wide won’t make for fun paddling. Being 11’ long and that wide, tracking won’t be a joy.

Have you thought about a square stern canoe? Or do you want the self bailing feature?

what to use -
I thought the self bailing feature would be nice if I was poling on some tidal flats and I ran into some waves but your right it would probably be a slug.

Most of my use would be fishing the local big creek which has pools and exposed riffles when the water is low, and I have to get out and drag my kayak over the rocks to get down below or above, depending on which way I’m going. Its well worth the effort as I can get to smallies in the pools that don’t get a lot of pressure.

A square stern canoe might be an option as long as it could hold up to a little dragging and wasn’t too heavy. I’ve owned some Radisson canoes that were lightweight and fun, but wouldn’t take the dragging.

Standing/poling/motoring/paddling combo
I got a Cobra Triple (16.5ft X 36 inches)and it paddles very well solo. I can also stand and pole from it, stand and fish from it or stand and piss off the side ;-), it’s very stable even in heavy chop.

I’ve “designed” a motor mount and mounted a small 3.5hp outboard to the stern. The combo works well and the light 28 lbs motor can easily be removed if I don’t want to use it. I get speeds of above 10mph while using it solo. The Cobra’s design is VERY dry at running speeds for what it is too.

Anyway you look at it you’ll be looking at a pretty beastly sized boat if you want to motorize it. I also looked at the Ambush and I think the Ambush is like 110 lbs naked. The Cobra Triple is only 80 lbs naked, one of my biggest concerns. Now, if I was going to always paddle solo I would have bought a Cobra FND which is identical to the Triple but 4 ft shorter and 20lbs lighter, it also was designed to be motorized and will paddle well in addition.