Jordan river Utah

I just moved to Lehi Utah and I am free some days during the week , looking for paddling partner . I have a solo canoe but I like long distance paddling .I plan to also do it entirely some days with some camping in the middle.

Just saw your post. I live fairly nearby in Park City and am often looking for a paddling partner also. I mostly paddle solo canoes now, but have tandems as well. Hopefully we can get together once the weather breaks.

Hi Walt .
I hope the weather will keep improving to something warmer too, I will check some different spot this weekend . I currently have a Ally canoe 16F but I should get pretty soon a Neris Smart Pro .
If you need to reach me my email is

Hope the Jordan is a lot cleaner than when i was a kid growing up in Utah.

Hi SeaDart
Not sure about that, the city seems to have done some effort to do some clean up but I doubt it will be a sparkle river , but since I live close by so I will try it and do a small report on it . seeing that the Provo lake is not the most clean lake either you maybe right.always worth to try it.

This man as done a good job making some video of the Jordan river.