jorgen surf ski

Might buy one and usually paddle eft or glider on big water and t-bolt on flatwater. Ski is 19ft by 19in wide with understern rudder.

More info?
I know nothing about it, but 19’ x 19" is most likely a “spec ski”. Lifeguard Spec - for their events races, etc.

Spec skis are usually easy to remount, and can be more stable than race skis (or not as some have higher shallower seats). Usually better at punching in and out of surf than longer narrower full on race skis.

Beginner on skis most would be as fast or faster on a spec ski for a while, but once you get better - a race ski is faster. Coming from a T-Bolt I’m guessing you’d adapt quickly.

If it is a used spec ski - it should be cheap. If not, there are a LOT of options you should consider.

Please explain about lots of options.

not familiar with that brand

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what are you paying for it? a used spec ski should be very inexpensive. how did you hear about it? couldn't find it in a search. remember also that skis aren't adjustable usually, so you will have to be sure it is the right size. you might post on the yahoo surfski site before committing.


Many good skis available…
… in the market if you really want a ski.

Hard to get test paddles though unless you research/travel.

Alway nice to buy used - but limited with skis. Odds are you have few locally- and ever smaller odds one that fits you. Here in Florida I only see 1-2 used skis a year my size (and that’s on Yahoo Surf ski list AND various classifieds, eBay, etc.) - and I’m pretty average, but short for a ski paddler (they seem to average 5’11’-6’3").

If it doesn’t fit you and/or is a poor choice for you needs - there’s ZERO reason to buy it no matter what the price. These things are not like most kayaks designed for a wide range of users.

I don’t know names of many spec skis. For racing skis I could name half a dozen or so across a range of stability.

Best 1st ski right now has to be the Fenn Mako XT as it is a little shorter/wider but still fast and has adjustable foot wells. Maybe Epic’s new V10 if it’s as stable as everyone says, as it’s adjustable too. Huki offers an adjustable foot well option too - so their new S1-R could be another great 1st ski.

Is adjustable better? Not really (extra weight and more to break), but a LOT easier to sell if you end up not liking skis (80%+) or moving up to something else (10%).

Other race skis of note these days: Venerable Fenn Mako Millennium, Custom Kayaks Icon and Mark 1, and the Huki S1-X and S1-A for smaller paddlers.

That’s what I meant by options.

Definitely ask about that ski on the Yahoo group: