Journey Bar savory (not sweet) food bar

For more than 10 years, I’ve wished someone would make a savory food bar instead of the ubiquitous sweet energy bars. Many times I’ve wished for a pizza bar or a BLT bar, given that refrigeration requirements make carrying the real thing for more than a couple hours problematic.

I also simply prefer salty/savory flavors to sweet (chips over candy). But chips have very little protein. Because I have Type II diabetes, eating the carb-heavy lunches many people eat doesn’t work as well for me as having something more substantial both at breaks and after exercising.

Best substitutes I’ve found yet were Tillamook beef chunks (tasty but expensive), which are like homemade beef jerky in chunks rather than strips. They are tender and easy to chew, unlike most jerky.

Now I’ve read about a new food bar made by Journey Bars. However, I could not find much detail on the ingredients, nor have I ever seen it in stores. They have two flavors, Parmesan Romano and Coconut Curry. Supposedly they contain whole grains and a moderate amount of protein, not the long list of chemical brews common to food bars.

Has anybody eaten these? Do they taste good?

That sounds good. I was just talking with my friends about how i crave a savory food bar instead of sweet. My idea was a chicken ceasar salad energy bar. That idea was shot down pretty hard.

for me…
I usually get peanut butter flavored energy bars, something with allot of nuts in it or just plain bag of mixed nuts if i want something not so sweet.

I don’t think I’ve ever run into a “savory” energy bar though.

I haven’t tried them…
but here’s where you can.

Let us know how they taste!


parm romano has my vote…

how about pemmican bars?
REI & Whole Foods sell Bear Valley Pemmican Bars

I like those but they’re still sweet
My husband and I think of them as mini-meals, because they are large.

That’s next best
Nut mixes can be made to taste, whether savory or sweet or spicy. Not the most easily digested food, though.

coming soon
I have some samples on the way.

I’ll report back soon.

pretty good!
I got both flavors to try: Parmesan Romano and Coconut Curry.

The winner of those two was surprisingly the coconut curry, which was just a little bit more sweet than savory and not too curry-y. It actually tasted a lot like pumpkin pie. I’m told that’s due to the cardamom.

The Parm/Rom was a little bit on the dry side but it was like a cheesy breadstick flavor.

They’re both super healthy and contain Amaranth, which is like an ancient super food complete with protien.

I’d happily eat many of those coconut curry bars.

Wow, that was fast!
Thanks for your feedback. I saw a review somewhere that also indicated the coconut curry tasted better.

All this has me thinking I could come up with better flavors, though. And not sweet at all.

The parm romano bar has 27 g of carbs and 6 g of sugar. Only 4 g of the carbs is fiber. I would not think that is suitable for a diabetic.

Really cannot beat
Oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips and raisins.

favorite through all the years is Clif bars and especially the apricot and black cherry almond ones and no added sugar. I commend the company for frequently donating to various charity events (especially bike related events) with free bars.

That particular bar
has 22 g. of sugar and 44 g. of carbs. That is exactly what the OP does not want and should not eat.

It’s almost funny
Posts recommending the direct opposite of what was asked about.

I have discovered that Whole Foods sells roasted, lightly salted pumpkin seeds withOUT shells, in bulk. They’re delicious and have 10 grams of protein per 1/4 cup. Before that, I would sometimes eat the heavily-salted in-shell type, which are too salty.

I still eat carbs, including sugars. Just want to reduce the overall intake of them, especially since I prefer savory food to sweet anyway.

An old family favorite
that would be good for day or two trips if you can keep it moderately cool: cheese and summer sausage on hardtack. This, washed down with beer and topped off with an apple was family lunch on many trips when I was young. (Of course, us kids got Nehi Orange instead of beer. Now days I go for a good porter with that kind of lunch.) For a good easy to carry ale in cans Fat Tire is as good in can as bottle. An aluminum can is nothing to stomp flat and carry out.

those Tillamook beef sticks are sky high in sodium at 630mg each (Clif apricot at 125mg)…not a desired amount for diabetics. Do agree that the CLif’s run high on sugars (was not aware), but a have a good amount of fiber which helps delay sugar absorption to allow better control of blood sugar levels. My diabetic bro in law bakes his beef/chicken (roasts), adds no salt and carries a small baggie of chunks for protein and some cooked peas/carrots for the fiber.

Btw, have ridden in 7 Tour de Cures here in N. California…good cause for sure. If you have one in your area, check it out as they usually have the various pharma and medical device (monitors) companies who will provide the latest up to date info (and free monitors) on diet, drugs, etc.

Wish you good health.

Stick or chunks?

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The Tillamook chunks I like are saltier than I'd like, so I only eat a few of them. (I think Tillamook calls them "steak".) The bag has to be shared with others or refrigerated. Sticks I stay away from, because they are all very salty.

However, some salt is good, especially in hot weather. My blood pressure actually is slightly low, so normal intakes of salt are not a concern.

There are a jillion sweet energy bars, and I get tired of them besides trying to cut down on sugar intake. I'd still be looking for a savory bar even if I didn't have to worry about blood glucose levels.

And thanks for the good wishes!

Hmmm…beer, cheese, sausage
They’re savory, true enough. Don’t wanna drink beer out there, not too fond of cheese except in certain preps, will try the summer sausage.

Doctor Kracker makes a cheddar-pumpkin seed whole-grain flatbread that’s more of a big cracker than bread. Tastes pretty good, 5 grams protein per cracker. I like it well enough. Too bad it’s expensive!

Your family picnic fare sounds like a recipe for a burpfest!