July Fishing on the Eleven Point River

I am planning a trip to the Eleven Point river in July (Greer to Riverton). How is the trout/smallmouth fishing in July on the Eleven Point?

never been there …

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........... but because you mentioned it I checked some info. out on the web. , you know , curious fish stuff thing and all . I'm sure you checked it out pretty good yourself at this point .

Seems they have a 'Blue Ribbon' section for trout , Greer spring branch to Turners Mill (about 6 mi.) that has bait and soft plastic restrictions .

Another guy said , "corn" is all they use , and apparently they were catching some nice fish on that corn . (I'm guessing it's bounced on the bottom w/splitshot above it a foot or two ??).
Someone else said maribu jigs bounced on bottom .

How about a 22" Rainbow trout as incenitive !!

Says there are Smallmouth in the river but no site I checked out made any big tadoo about them . If you are going to hunt some Smallies in July on a mountain river , try a surface plug like a floating Rebel or Rapala minow (2 gang hook size), cast twich , wait , twitch , bango.
You absolutely have to take some "YUM" Crawbugs (2-1/2" Green Pumpkin color), and 1/8 - 1/4 oz. lead jigs to slip into them . The Crawl bugs are just like a tube but a crayfish design . The river is appearently loaded with crayfish big time . Just get the "YUM's" on the bottom and slowly crawl them around , stop , go , stop , bang .

Note: a caution section for paddlers , it's below Booze Mill spring , a chute and rapid called "Halls Mill" .

I don't ever fish for trout . The pics. on the site look like a nice float . Avoid weekends if possible , says it can be crowded then during this season .
Best of luck to ya , have a great trip .

Oh yea , spinner baits , Beatle spins w/small plastic grubs , Mepps #2 - #3 inline spinners , gold and or silver blades .

My fee for this non-expert advise = 1 trip report , OK .

Did the section from
Greer Spring to Turner’s Mill last September and we wore the rainbows out on Rebel Deep Diving Crawdads!!! I was just curious how the fishing was in July. You really should check out this river. It is extremely remote and there are several cool things to check out from a historical perspective(the old mill wheel at Turner’s Mill and Whites Creek Cave). It is one of my favorite floats. I’ve just never fished it during hot weather.

Paddle On!!


That sounds like …
… a real nice place to go . Doubtful I’ll ever make it there cause of the distance from me , but who knows maybe someday .

You didn’t say you caught any Smallmouth either , did you ?? They are one of my favorite !!

Hope you catch as well this time in July .

I suppose the “wore them out” (trout) could be a trip report , so “paid in full” , lol .

Have a great time .

I have floated
The 11 point a few times… It is an absolutely beautiful river with no serious hazards to be worried about. In July, the smallie fishing will probably be best in the beginning and end of the riffles in the morning and afternoon. If it’s warm, they will go to deeper holes in the afternoon. I like to use “chompers” in the riffles and just let the curent make them look like a crawfish. I also like crank baits… crawdads, rapala minnows and cricket hoppers. The 11 point will be busy on the weekends with all the drunks, but compared to other Ozark streams, it is one of the les popular for the drunks. Here’s a mile by mile description…