Jumped in feet first-- like always-- and purchased Eddylines

We have always been a bit spontaneous on things. Fortunately it usually works out… We had self imposed requirements.

  1. Front and rear bulkheads
  2. Transport in the van- so had to be 12ft or less
  3. Lighter weight.

After having tested the Eddyline Skylark(12ft) and Sky 10 and looking/sitting and paddling a few others, we decided to go for the Eddylines as they set the bar pretty high.
And being that we expect to be permanent Lily Dippers, I think probably a good choice.

We have a couple of really excellent places to practice. One area is amongst 6 islands where the water is 4-6 ft deep in most areas. Stays pretty smooth and somewhat out of the wind but each island area is effected differently by the current and also proximity to the shipping channel. Another area is called the “Shallows” and you can be +100 yards offshore and only be in 4-6 ft of water. It is at the end of Whitefish Bay so can be more windy and a bit more choppy than the islands area. Both should be good areas to practice in.

The boats has been everything from fun to frustrating so far as we learn paddling techniques and figure out how to paddle in certain conditions.

There have been some moments where there is a rhythm and we feel a glide happening, which is almost magical.

Thanks for your help----more later.


Looked at the Sky 10 at the Eddyline site. It has end toggles! Sheesh, I had to modify my Fathom LV to add an end toggle.

My second kayak was a used Skylark. Took my ACA L1 with it, got lots and lots of seat time, and learned enough to move into a 14-foot narrower boat two months later. The Skylark can handle wind and chop (keep loose hips) and is even somewhat stable with a cockpit half full of water (that was part of the L1 class). Was going to sell it but then a family member tried it and absolutely loves it. She’s bigger than I am so it fits her well.

Here’s a video on the paddle float heel hook re-entry. It’s a lot easier than the one I had to do with the Skylark in that L1 class. I’m sure you can master it with the Skylark. I do not know if it would work with the Sky because the boat is so short. But you both can have fun on a hot sunny day trying it. Have a great time with your new boats!


Thanks-- I think we bought well and can get some very long term use from them.

Came close to looking at/ getting a couple of Old Townes that were on CL. Missed them by about 75 miles-- we called to see if they were still available when we crossed the bridge, but they were sold. Thats when we decided that being so close to Harbor Springs to buy what we knew we liked and be done with the looking.

We will be fair weather, lily dipping kayakers. Sort of like the long walks we take that are very leisurely, with no purpose other than being outdoors and doing so with each other.