June 12 is take your dog whale watching day



Holy Shrimp! Ding, ding, ding!!! (That definitely wins for pic-of-the week, if it’s not photoshop’d)
Paddling dot com photo judges, take note.


“Once more into the breach!”
By Henry! Paris took paws like some Inuit leach.
Chucking role playing to port with a brace,
Humpty near dumped thee waved wall in dis place!


@Chuck von Yamashita said:

Okay, I believe you!


Holy camoly! Serendipity sure was smiling on you! A photo and experience to treasure forever!

That is indeed amazing.

How did Paris keep her balance in the wake of those waves?

@kfbrady said:
That is indeed amazing.

How did Paris keep her balance in the wake of those waves?

She just does and were not really shaky. They did not leave that much wake

Chuck, I thought your sea lion shot set the bar. It has definitely been raised.

Suffer not the animals,
to come unto Charles.
Paris woofs her giggle.
Grizz, he laughs in snarls.
Humpbacks come a bubblin’,
pinnipeds bark on their toes.
I guess it’s wok of life
soothin’ mem’ry of Waldos.

go Paris!

I’m guessing since the whales come straight up and then go right back down, the water that they displace outwards upon rising just flows back into the “gap” they leave when they sink back down, thus little or no wake expansion. That is still one tenaciously stalwart little dog.

I’m guessing that you didn’t see the bubbles…until…Beyond any doubt, not what was planned. {Cool vid Chuck}

I would love to have a kayak dog but the 2 I have aren’t him. Reina was a canoe dog but Is too tall to stand on a deck.