June 3rd - Shiawassee River Paddle Event

-- Last Updated: May-21-12 4:34 PM EST --

Crews were out this weekend, whipping the course
into shape , removing a few deadfall limbs,
trimming the vines and face slappers .

June 3, 2012 Event -

Shiawassee River very navigable from
Holly to Fenton and beyond well into Byron.

SouthEast Michigan welcomes all; from far and wide
to enjoy the Shiawassee River in 2012.

We let the racers go first in the late morning and the
Pleasure Paddlers start after - in the early afternoon -

Enjoy the numerous twists and turns, switchbacks and
meanders that make this course a blast to paddle.
Great for beginners, families and still fun for the
experienced paddlers power sliding thru turns ! -


REI supports the Shiawassee River

– Last Updated: May-23-12 2:30 PM EST –

REI is a national outdoor retail co-op with
three stores in southeast Michigan;
Troy, Northville and Ann Arbor.

The local stores nominate to the
national public affairs department,
- area projects worthy of support.

The Shiawassee River Heritage Water Trail
got funding from REI to advance urban kayaking
by developing a "short learning paddle river segment"
around Bush Park in Fenton,Michigan.

Families and kids will be able to practice their
canoe or kayak skills from one launch to the other ,
all within the reach of Bush Park amenities
-parking, restrooms, playscape, and picnic areas.


Join couple hundred kayaks this weekend
Sunday June 3, sunshine, mingle with other paddlers,

see various canoes/kayaks, learn some tips,

and get some paddling in.