Juneau, AK - Reasonable Lodging

Looking to find reasonably priced lodging in Juneau for a few days prior to heading off to Sitka for a trip on the Home Shore (2008), any suggestions about B&B, small motel, etc… Also would like to find restaurants the locals like. Thanks.

Awesome locale…
You are heading to my dream location for paddling…need a lotion boy? :wink: I would think you can google enough options such as this:


When do we leave?


Juneau Lodging
How are you coming into town? Ferry or jet? There are a few places near the airport – walking distance – and nothing out by the ferry terminal.

The Extended Stay hotel isn’t, but is the closest.

Travel Lodge is a Travel Lodge and close enough to the airport to do. There is a Super 8, whose name suggests it rating.

If you have the time, spend it downtown at the Baranof (Westmark). The 12000 tourists from the cruise ships are fun to watch and we have some beautiful views from the hills around the city. You can hike up Mt Roberts from 6th st and come down the Tram and still be within 5 minutes of where you are staying.

What is this Home Shore in Sitka? Is it the motor vessel that carries you around and drops you for a n afternoon of paddling, then feeds you too rich food and drink? Or, is it the fishing grounds near Gustavus? And, if you are traveling by jet, why not just simply head over to Sitka?