Juniper Springs Rentals

A group of us are going up to Juniper Springs next month for a long weekend and two people do not have their own kayaks. Does anyone know of a retailer up in that vicinity that rents kayaks for this location??? I know they have canoes there but we were hoping for kayaks for everyone. Thanks!

Kayaks, Huh?
I think they also have kayaks there.

You can always call the ranger station and ask.

Don’t know of a livery. But we’ll be up there next month canoeing, but we are staying at Salt Springs!


we were looking at staying at salt springs but thought it would be nice to be closer to the headwaters for a change…we usually camp at Silver Springs campground and fan out from there. I did try the ranger station and they didn’t know of any place to rent kayaks, but I thought the girl on the phone sounded like she didn’t know much about anything so I thought asking here would give me a better shot at accurate info. Thanks!

Juniper rentals…
I’m pretty darn certain that they only rent aluminum canoes at the park.

You could contact Brassington’s in Ocala, Florida for rental boats.

There is another outfitter on the Ocklawaha nearby that rents boats, but I’m not sure if they let you take them to Juniper Run.

Enjoy this very lovely and lively stream.


Brasingtons in Ocala
rents kayaks. The’re open Mon. - Sat. 10am til 7pm

They have sot & sink. I think their price is 25.00 a day with a paddle,PFD,& whistle. Their phone # is 352-861-8022. Have FUN.


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Is out of the rental buisness as of a couple of weeks ago. You can rent a canoe on site at Juniper...

SORRY Only if your interested in buying
will they rent them out now so I guess it would only be for a day. I camped next to a couple last weekend who had rented two from Brasingtons, but they were looking to buy. Kayakrazee