just a note on QCC

I put this in my review for this boat but thinking not all get to that part of the site…when I ordered the ‘demo’ it was advertised as having a compass recess…the boat i recieved did not have such, laugh but it was a week before i noticed…when i did i e-mailed QCC and 4 days later a beautiful front hatch cover with compass recess arrived. I brought the hatch cover into the hospital for my co-workers to admire…even those who know nothing about kayaks and composites knew instantly that the workmanship of even the hatch is top notch. I’m sure some folks have had e-mail issues with QCC (no wonder they get such volume of querries) but my response time was admirable to say the least.

The more i think about QCC and their way of doing business the more i like it. I even considered a ‘swamper’ the 300 model from them, but alas chose the CD Kestrel instead, regardless my experience with them is above board in every way.


Enjoy Your QCC
I hope you enjoy yours as much as we enjoy ours. We have found QCC and Phil to be very customer oriented the few times we have contacted them for assistance. Yes, they do business in an unusual manner considering the product they sell. It seems to work as evidenced by the number of owners who have posted on this board. I certainly feel good about our experience with them.


you’re walking around a hospital with a hatch cover showing it off to anyone who happens by. What kind of hospital is this? :slight_smile:

After two years…
and three hatch covers, plus various different rubber moldings, I finally have a front watertight compartment.

All free and postage paid.

They are by far the best who stand behind their product.



what worked?
I have many gripes about my hatches (ok - really just one - they LEAK!!!)

I’ve heard they went through several iterations in materials and designs - which one do you have that are water tite?

I had basically given up, but…
…after this past Febuary’s Boggy race in rough water when I found that I had about a quart of water in the hatch cover itself, I called up Phil and he sent me another new cover.

The new cover actually has to be forced down with a blow from the bottom of my fist, but for the first time I now have a dry compartment.

I sometime feel like I need a pry bar to get it opened, but I will gladly take the trade off to have a dry compartment.

On a side note, my twelve year old Perception poly Eclipse and my wifes Shadow to this day have never taken a drop in any of the compartments and they have been in horrendous seas many times.

On another side note, I wouldn’t swap my QCC-700 for all the tea in China!