Just an FYI re sales of rental fleet

Maine Sport has an ad up saying ti is selling their rental fleet. Not going to post a link here because I get wonky results trying to copy it. But there is a link on their site.

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There’s a bunch of kayaks at approximately 50% of new price, some rental bikes, and some paddleboards. No canoes unfortunately.

Yep MSO is a reputable store in Camden
It’s the end of the summer that never started in Maine.
And it shows( its rained but one day a week since May 15 and flash floods are the norm)
Docks are floating away on lakes and the temps have been most unlike any other States

A lot of dealers have to sell new, demo, and parts of their rental fleets at the end of the season to make room for next year’s models. Sales are most common in the fall.

Pickings have been slim for the Covid years as more people took up kayaking as a relatively safe sport combined with supply chain issues. Things should be getting back to normal. The classifieds might be a good source as many with no kayaking experience bought some top end kayaks and found that it takes more physical effort to kayak then they thought.

When I worked at the Kayak Centre they would sell off their rental fleet, part on Labor day weekend and the rest on Columbus day weekend. It was a great way for people to pick up a used boat and some gear at a nice discount. Since they sold their rental fleet every year the boats only had one summer of use. I believe they still do this so keep a lookout if you’re in that area and are looking for a rec kayak or tandem.