Just bought a Crescent Lite Tackle, what paddle is good for this?

Just got this, it’s my first kayak, can’t wait for delivery! I’m looking for a paddle now and came across these which seems pretty decent:

I’m 5’11 or 6ft (when posture is nice & straight), the yak is 34in wide. It is an SOT technically, but has a lower sitting position than most SOTs. I was reading I would need a 240 or 250cm(based on my height & yak width), any recommendations? (not sure if it helps, but from my pit to my hand I’m about 27in)

I know this is a low-angle paddler and I’ll be leisure paddling mostly in lakes & calm rivers and might go out in the calm bay near me at times when its very calm.

I did want to stay around the $150 mark possibly.

Thanks for your help!

Happy paddling your new boat! Go for the lightest paddle you can afford. Werner makes a great product.

The attached guide shows for your height and the width of your boat, a 250 cm paddle would work. This is for a Werner. Aqua-Bound might have a different recommendation.


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How has the kayak been doing for you? I’m thinking of getting one, test paddle today was great! Quick question - do you know (or can you measure) the size of the small side cuddies? Scheming some storage options… -thanks!

It’s about 3.25in deep, 3.5in wide and about 6.75in long