Just bought a used canoe - have ???

First post here on the forum!

I have been out of canoeing for nearly 15 years now.

I have a 19-month old daughter that is fascinated with boats and is in every canoe/kayak she can find whenever we visit a shop.

So, I’ve been looking for a used one and finally snagged this one off Craigslist 10 minutes after it was listed!

It’s an Old Town Penobscot, 16’2" and weighs 63 lbs. It’s blue (not offered in Penobs currently) and made out of Royalex.

The older gentleman I bought it from was the original owner and he had the owners paperwork, care guide, receipt and 1987 catalog.

It’s got some good scratches and dings in it but nothing through the outer layer.

The boat has been down the Green River in Utah, Yellowstone River and several lakes + rivers in the Tetons.

It’s still got the '97 Teton National Park sticker on it.

The gentleman said he goes out West every year and it has made the trip numerous times.

He had lots of good memories in it and it never disappointed him on any trips he took it on.

I thought he was going to get emotional when we loaded it up!

Anyhow, I’m thrilled with it for the paltry sum of $275 and he recently replaced the cane seats with web seats.

How can I clean it up prior to applying a good coat of 303?

What cleaning solution do you recommend to get the grime and stuff off first?


Looking forward to getting back on the water!



Cleaning Solution
For dirt & grime, use soap & water. Dawn works well. Nothing fancy, nothing too “chemically.”

From the pictures the boat looks pretty clean, little or no oxidation.

Paddle on, dude!

Wow, you got the buy of a lifetime!
Like the post above says: just use soap and water, but it looks so clean that I would just throw it in the local pond to get any dust off.

They are a great all around canoe.

I thought I got a good buy on a used one several years ago when I paid $400 for it. It is in about the same shape as yours.

We, (my wife and I) will be racing it Saturday in a down river race.

Get that little cutie a small bent shaft paddle and we might see you in the nationals in another ten or fifteen years.



Congrats. Great buy.
I’d like to have a Penobscot for tandem river use.

Thanks for the replies!
I got to get my little cutie an age-appropriate PFD first!

I like the Salus brand, if it is available there. I recently became an uncle and my first act was to get the smallest and second-smallest pfd’s they made.

A crotch strap is an important feature on an infant pfd.

That price on a Penobscot is fantastic. Congrats.

Congratulations on the new boat. She’s a beaut.

I just ordered a new boat for myself from rutabaga



That Prospector sure looks like a winner!