Just bought a used kayak.

Hey after searching CL for months I found a Old Town Dirigo plus tandem. So far looks to be in pretty good condition but does have quite a few scratches. Came with two regular canoe type paddles and two cheepo life jackets for $385. Definatley not what I was looking for but thought it was a good deal and jumped on it. Now I guess i can take my gf or my dog with me tho im leaning towards my dog…

good thinking
the dog will probably paddle harder

Divorce boat

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They call them divorce boats for a reason.

Last time I saw a couple paddling one the guy was in the front paddling hard and pointing out the wonders of nature -- look at that turtle, look at the grey heron, look at the lily pads, hey I saw a fish jump.

His wife was in the back with the paddle up reading a paperback.


I can’t stop laughing!

Ha ha thats great.
Your probably right about that Jessie.

I was kinda thinking the same thing along those lines Shady. But figured it was worth a try.

Every 10-11ft yak I found that was nice was sold before I could even look at them, atleast if I dont like this one I can just resell it and get my $ back atleast.

Same here
I had the bright idea it would be fun to get a used canoe for the wife, daughter and dog. I am still looking as everything nice sells fast.

At least with a canoe you can throw a motor on some…

In the end I am expecting it will be me and the dog out in the canoe.

Used kayak season is coming up, you should easily find a nice 10-12 footer.