Just Bought a Used Kayak

Hey Guys,

I just bought a new perception kayak off craigslist and I feel a little iffy about it. Here is the boat…


Now, it looks good from the outside. But when I open up all the black compartments, I find this stuff.


Is that normal?

Also, I found a patch at the bottom of the boat.


Bought it for $200. Did I get scammed. ALso, its super heavyyy! About 200 lbs.

Thanks guys.

That is expanding foam
The stuff that comes in a can. Previous owner must have filled the boat because it was leaking. No, it doesn’t belong there.

You bought a used boat without looking at the bottom or looking in the hatches. Scammed is not the word I would use.


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Should I ask for my money back? He said if I find any problems with it, he will give me my money back within 48 hours. And I did look in the hatches. He said it was normal, to not worry about it and to not open the hatches.

If you can get your money back,
do it.

Well, …

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If that worn out area where the repair is visible is the only place that it is leaking from, that's an easy fix. Getting out all the foam may be a tedious process. Though, the owner may sincerely thought he is adding flotation with that foam.

Some leaking is normal in such kayaks, that's why they have drain plugs. More than a cup or two though, is not normal. And it is definitely not normal to stuff them with foam.

The hatches are for storing things
while you are on the water. It’s supposed to be dry in there. Maybe if you were playing in surf breaking over the boat you could expect a cup of water. That also doesn’t look like it’s stuffed with foam, that’s the expanding stuff that sticks to things. You would have to chip it out working through the hole and, presuming you fix the leak, anything you store in there is going to have bits of itchy foam on it because I don’t think you can get it all out. If it was sprayed into the tight areas under the seat I do not see how you would reach it, which is adding weight and will affect how the boat rides in the water.

Also patching a leak in a poly boat is not an easy fix, you can’t just glass it up. You would need to get a plastic welder and learn how to use it, or be prepared to apply some Lexel every so often.

I would ask for my money back. You should be able to pick up a serviceable Pelican over the winter for $200.

How did this turn out?

I couldn’t open the pictures, but
if it weighs 200 pounds, you not only got scammed, you also got screwed!

Spam maybe ???

Jack L

Not foam, more like
quikcrete for 200 pounds

You are kidding–right?

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I think this is someone being facetious, or learning a lesson. With reference to the OP.

Yes foam

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Years ago, my dad bought a little catamaran sail boat. It was on a trailer, and everything looked fine. He figured out later that the cheap, spray-in foam flotation was water-soaked. That's what's going on here. The original owner might have thought they could fix the leak by filling the interior with foam, but that kind of foam simply absorbs water like a sponge. So yes, this makes perfect sense.

As others have said, it's not an insurmountable problem, but not one that's likely to be worth the trouble either.

Most people would have known right away that something was wrong, as much as this boat weighs, but a first-timer who's done no reading about what to expect? Perhaps not.

Nope, I’m not kidding
Jack L

I seem remember this same story not to long ago. i think Jack is correct.