Just bought Grumman Canoe

I just bought a Grumman Canoe and I’m the process of getting out the dents and painting it amd I have a few questions. First attached is a picture of the serial number, what information can you give me about the canoe from that? Second, I need a replacement seat, what is the best option for this and what should it cost to replace? Third, what is the best way to transport it and get it on and off the car with 1 person. I am able.to life it by myself if that helps. Thank you in advance.

Consider a wooden replacement seat made of ash. Get em from Ed’s or Northwoods.
If you have a roof rack you can load it from the rear by yourself.

Contact the company that took over Grumman’s boat business, they may have an answer to both questions. https://marathonboat.com/

quick search yields this hypothesis…A, may be 1950’s production. 5 may mean .050" thick sheet, and 17 is most likely length. Proving yet again, Grummans last forever, unless they’re shot down.

That’s awesome thank you