Just bought some kokatat gear on sale

Bought three Merino wool shirts 30 each usually 75. Two pairs gloves 7 per pair, and two suncore shirts real cheap.

They have hooded gortex paddling jackets reg 650 for 250. Yikes look under sale section.

Few good pfd jackets for great deal.

Passage Anorak (GORE-TEX) with SwitchZip - Kokatat lucky me they don’t have my size. :joy:

I think you could buy pants later for a drysuit?

Checked the Kokatat site and yep, they do have some good sales.

Lucky for my wallet, I don’t need any more gear.

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I bought a couple of things too - can’t pass up a good sale! Of course the thing I actually needed wasn’t on sale…


I bought the two pairs of gloves it cost more to ship than 4 shirts. GO figure.

Best deal is the jacket.