Just bought Used Grumman canoe-Standard or shallow (white water) model???

The standard 17 ft. Grumman aluminum canoe (according to Grumman info) has three ribs and and a “T” keel. The Shallow draft model has 7 ribs and a shallow draft shoe keel.
I just bought a used Grumman 17 ft. aluminum canoe (double end) which has 7 ribs like the shallow draft model, but a “T” keel like the standard model. Does anyone have info on this particular canoe. I have owned a standard Grumman 17 ft. standard with a “T” keel in the past for 20 years and I am familiar with the whitewater shoe keel, but this boat has both standard and shallow draft features. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

My first guess would have been confusion on your part about what constitutes a ‘T’ keel, but it sounds like you know all about that.

Plaidpaddler is the guy who will know. My guess is that it’s a special model built for liveries or for the Boy Scouts. In times past , they offered boats in different thicknesses of aluminum sheet for the same reason. You could weigh the boat, because that info could be useful when Plaidpaddler comes around.

It is probably a special order boat. If it does not have a shoe keel I would not consider it a whitewater model.

Sounds like the lightweight version. The aluminum would be 0.032" hence the extra ribs. If so it should weight about 60 lb.