Just completed my new boat rack.

Carpenter bees and my random construction finally got to the old one. Lasted 10 years.

Instead of nails this one was constructed with screws and anchored with concrete.

Holds all 4 boats.

Loved to see some pics String. I’ve had several racks over the years, most failed due to weather. Thankfully I’m now storing all my hulls inside but I had to dicker to get a 1/4 of the barn back from the SO! :wink:


will fleet size remain less than or
equal to rack capacity? Hope it always provides desired purpose and longevity.

Ours holds 3 kayaks, one SUP, extension ladder and PVC 6 inch dia GP paddle tube. I sank two vertical 4x4, tied together with x’ed 2x4 and subterranean out-riggers. Have old Martin Creek J hooks and hefty bike hanging type hooks. All in modest foot print.

Carpenter Bees
Been my experience a single coat of paint keeps them from starting.

Doug, send me an email or a phone
number and I’ll send you some photos.

This one is 4x6 and 4x4 concecreted in the ground, braced with 2x4. My 2 heaviest boats go on the bottom on a 2x4; the lighter 2 go up on the 4x8 on brackets made of 5/8" exterior ply.

This time I painted it with concrete paint which is some seriously tough stuff.

Andy, I MAY have all the boats I’ll ever have.

Did you use pressure treated wood?
I don’t think carpenter bees will drill into that stuff.

They bored into my pressure treated
4x4s stacked outside my garage.

Don’t bother painted wood.

I like watching them feeding on my prairie plants.

Yes, it was pressure treated.
I have seen them bore holes in creosoted timbers.

Hemlock - Kind of interesting !
I have a boat barn, a travel trailer barn, and a truck barn that I built out of almost all Hemlock.

All three in different years.

The Carpenters bees have not touched any of the Hemlock, but have riddled places where I have trimmed with “Western White Wood” (which I assume is Spruce or Fir)

On another note: Has anyone built a boat rack using CPVC piping ?

In the future I need to built one that will hold two kayaks and one canoe and am thinking of using that for framing along with a silver tarp for the cover.

Jack L

if you use Pressure Treated wood there are about 5 different grades of it. Home Depot stuff is junk not rated for contact with ground. Decent lumber yard has better grades which are tagged on end of wood don’t listen to some guys BS learn the grades and tagging.

Did some research and got a couple

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of ideas on bee prevention.
1. They don't prefer pressure treated wood so put some untreated soft wood nearby.Come winter , burn the wood or send it to the dump.
2. Amazon sells a powdered chemical that you put in the holes that kills them.

They’re great pollinators.

I know. I’ll give them some sacrificial
wood to eat.