Just curious - questions.

It’s been a while since I have posted on any message boards such as this, so I was wondering.

Is there a way to post photos here? Or if we wanted to share photos, do we need to post a link instead?

I take a lot of photos - mostly nature shots from my kayak. Is that an interest for others on Paddling.net? How do you all like to share photos?


I Think You Can Do it This Way:

No photos here
Link to a photo hosting site seems about the extent of it.


You can post photos
If you are a dues paying member

Otherwise it’s a link

If you take the “s” out of https the links will work without copy and paste.

You can submit photos for the photo of the week contest.

I think that’s gone…

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Even if you are a member.
You can still post pics in the classifieds if a member but I think the galleries are gone.

Must have been a fabulous
experience to be captain of the kayak team for Diane Nyad’s 2013 Cuba-Florida swim. She’s amazing and inspiring.