Just curious - scammer question

Simple answer: Cash in person.


I vote scam, why take the chance? You said you have others interested in your kayak, so perhaps you don’t need to jump on this one. Cash and in person is always my preferred way of selling. Good luck and Happy New Year!

Guess I asked too many questions and he decided to look for someone else to scam. Happy New Year to you too!

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The last time I bought a kayak , I didn’t haggle and I didn’t ask anything except do you still have it and where are you. I drove over 5 hours with cash. He had it out on his driveway when I got there. I handed him his, what I considered, fair asking price, and loaded it on my car. I said thank You.

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Good for you, roym, that’s how deals should work out. I recently drove four hours for my latest, too.

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Agree. I saw an SP in Morgantown WV, so I drove 4 hours and enjoyed the road trip. When I got there, the like new boat was less than like new. The seller ready accepted a more realistic offer.