Just curious - scammer question

I’ve got a kayak for sale here… I’ve also sold one and bought one, both on this site and never had problems. A person contacted me, says he lives across the country and wants to buy my kayak. He never asked a single question about it but wanted my mailing address so he could send a cashier’s check. This sounds too much like a scam… or maybe I"m just too cautious. Has anyone else here had this happen?


Haven’t personally had it happen but others have, so it definitely sounds like a scam.

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Unless you put your contact information in the ad, the person that contacted you has to be a member (I think). So first see how long he/she has been a member and if they posted or even read anything in the forums.

I agree that it seems unlikely that someone would buy something for (presumably a fair chunk of change) without asking any questions and without viewing the item in person. I would take a great deal of caution.


Scam for sure


Yes good idea on looking him up on the forums. It’s disappointing thinking someone on here would do this - most like behavior you see on Craigslist. :frowning_face:

Nope, dont do it. With your name and mailing address there’s all sorts of scams.

Here’s one that ran in my neighborhood: bad guys steeling new cell phones from providers by filing false warranty claims. Please ship the phone to (address) > then they hire someone locally to porch-pirate the package out of your mailbox. But the transaction looks legit to the provider because someone provided them with a legit name and mailing address.

Well, It’s not an active member or a member of the sport, it’s just a scammer signing up fishing for victims. These types of scammers sign up on boards like this fishing for potential victims, create fake accounts on Facebook, etc

Scam. You’ll probably be sent a phony bank check that looks real enough to fool the local bank but it will be for a higher amount than you asked for. They will ask you to refund the difference and then the check will bounce back. Or some such scam. If you want to play with them, take this to the local police and see if they will let you provide a fake name and use their mailing address/PO box. Would be interesting to see how it played out.

Yes… It’s just sad people do this crap. I did look up his profile and from what I can tell he’s been on here a few months but never posted or commented. wonder if there’s any way I can report him?

I actually did buy a kayak from across the country, there was a whole bunch of communication, photos and phone calls before any money went anywhere.


I’ve come across this if it’s a scam they send you a check. Then when you cash the check they somehow get enough information to break into your account and either make one large withdraw or several small ones periodically.

Best thing you can do is say ok and let them send you the check. Take the check to your bank and tell them it is suspicious and you would like to cash it to cash not attached to your account. One of two things will happen; they won’t cash the check because it’s bogus,…or you will get the cash and the scammer will be out the money because there won’t be in an account to trace.


The typical cashier’s check scam: You agree to accept a check, you receive the check and it’s made out for more than the asking price (often 10s of times more), they tell you it’s a mistake, and ask you to go ahead and deposit it, and give them a check for the difference (either mail it to them, or when they come get what you’re selling), and once their gone with the money you gave them, your bank informs you the check they provided to you was no good.

If anyone asks to pay you by cashier’s check (or any kind of check really), the answer should always be an unequivocal NO. Cash, Paypal, and maybe Venmo, but no checks of any kind.


Those scams use PayPal too and it’s pretty common.

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Simple: just tell them you won’t do anything until the check clears. And if they still send one, don’t do anything until it clears.


I see tinfoil sales are at pre-Covid levels. Was your listing good, with lots of pictures? Was the boat sought-after and priced realistically? Why are you stunned and suspicious someone wants it that badly? I’m a Realtor and I can tell you there are an amazing number of people less trusting of technology and wire transfers than cashier’s checks. Wire fraud is ridiculously common. Ask the person to send you a photo of the check first, if they have that ability. If it’s from a legit bank, just don’t transfer the boat to him until it clears. It’s hard to buy boats across the country, don’t make it even harder.

Yes the listing’s good with plenty of pics, realistic price, and lots of interest. I"m only suspicious b/c he didn’t ask for any specific details about the boat. I also asked for info on his “shipper” and mentioned it would be easier/ cheaper to buy one in CA rather than KY and he totally changed the subject.

Call me naive but guess I’m just disappointed to find scammers on this site.

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Or, they were actually local and wanted your address not to mail you a check but to go to your house and steal it.

I’d be suspicious of any buyer who didn’t ask any questions and probably also if they didn’t at least attempt to haggle.

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Yes… sad but true.

In person for cash eliminates most concerns. I learned that here several years ago.


i’m trying to buy a kayak from across country, and I certainly have questions. I’d be asking for pictures. or more pictures. and, i’ll want to talk kayaks. or politics, i just want to talk. i’d inquire if there’s a nationwide bank they’d feel comfortable doing business through. i’d be asking if you-the-seller know [fill in the blank] because i’ve got friends all over, and if you live in [second blank] then sure you must know Frank! (Everyone knows Frank, right?) Seriously, the lack of product curiosity to me is the sign of a scammer. If you were to deal with someone from a distance, let them know you’re holding the yak until the check clears. set that up day 1, and that’ll keep some scammers away.

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