Just did the Merrimack in my OT Pack

Just finished my upriver paddle of the Merrimack River from Plumb Island to Franklin NH in the worlds best solo canoe, the Old Town pack. She’s 12 feet of royalex orgasmic goodness! Next up, the Kennebec end of May. My prediction…Kennebec = OWNED! I’ll try to take pics for my fans.

love that little ol’ boat myself. As does my dog.

Would definitely like to see some pics of your trip.

Pleasant waters to ya.

my prediction is you will die
I want to see you paddle that Pack up the Kennebec. If the tides and current at the mouth don’t kill you, the release from Harris Dam surely will.

So, what about the river?
What about the trip?

Where’s the trip report? nm

Correction to your OP
Instead of “the world’s best solo canoe…”; it should read “your world’s best solo canoe…”. Each canoeist’s needs, desires and capabilities are different and there is no such thing as “best in the world”.

Flores, if you want to discuss
your personal beliefs, why not post on the Discussion forum? OK, maybe you just made a mistake. Like paddling a Pack upstream.

the boat doesn’t matter much:

I don’t know the river or route …
… you took , so can you fill me in on some of the details like … how far paddled , how long of a paddle trip , what was the water like paddling up-river , did ya camp anywhere ??

Would like to hear more abouit your paddle trip , sounds like you thought it was a fun adventure … that good enough for me !!

Very low water
in the Merrimack in Franklin. I’ve never seen it that low before, especially in the spring.

for your next “owned” river
make sure to pack a “grey thing”.